Millennium Centre

389 Main Street

Cost: 100.00 per hour and when available/ 50.00 per additional half hour
Parking: Limited meter parking on the street- 4.00 parking in parkade behind building

Although there is an expense to book and take photos at the Millennium Center, it has a wonderful range of settings as a backup plan or indoor location for any time of the year. I have to admit that I can always count on some beautiful images at the end of the day when we can use this building. This venue also hosts ceremonies and receptions and may not have your requested booking time available if a function is being hosted. As a ceremony venue, I think that lighting is very tricky and best IF ALL POSSIBLE lighting in the main area be turned on. For posed wedding photos in the Tapestry room and various levels, the ceilings are low enough and there is window lighting that provide a nice photo.
Windows, wood paneling and of course that crazy nice ceiling are all selling points and make some beautiful wedding images. One main drawback is this is a heritage building and the beyond the main area there is some dirt and mess- so hike up that wedding dress! Also, there is no elevator, so if members of your wedding party have disabilities or are unable to walk the flights of stairs, it may not be for you.